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How to make your home more energy efficient.

Make your home more energy efficient with funding from the Scottish Government.

With the cost of living crisis and high energy bills, it’s a worrying time for us all. The Scottish Government has made funding available this year to help householders install energy efficient measures and save money. People are being urged to contact Home Energy Scotland, the Scottish Government’s free energy efficiency advice service, to receive advice and support to help make their homes warmer and reduce their heating bills.

Financial support worth £10,000 or more is also available to make eligible homes more energy efficient through improvements like home insulation, draught proofing, or climate friendly home heating.

Did you know that a home that isn’t well insulated can lose more than 50% of its heat through its roof and walls? Making energy efficient home improvements can make your space warmer and more comfortable, while also helping to lower Scotland’s emissions.

Home Energy Scotland helps people access funding for energy efficient measures, along with a range of other financial support and impartial advice. If it looks like you might be eligible for help, you will be referred for an initial survey of your home to be carried out before measures are installed. The one-stop shop for support is funded by the Scottish Government and delivered by Energy Saving Trust. To find out exactly what you are eligible for, whatever your circumstances, call the Home Energy Scotland hotline now on 0808 808 2282 or visit homeenergyscotland.org/contact to request a call back.


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