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NHS Health Scotland publishes new guide: Up and About

This new guide from NHS Health Scotland provides lots of useful information to help older people take positive steps to avoid trips and falls.

Did you know that about one third of older people fall down at least once a year? Because of falling, many people lose their confidence, even if they haven’t hurt themselves.

Getting out and about is really important: to keep doing the things you enjoy and to stay connected with the people most important to you. But as we get older, falling, or fear of falling can stop us from being physically active.

This guide gives you tips on how to keep active and reduce your risk of trips and falls. You might not need all of this information right now, but you can dip in and out of this booklet whenever you need to find the bits that are useful to you.

Care and Repair feature on Page 20 of the guide and we can help you resolve minor problems in the home that will keep you safer.

A PDF copy of the guide can be downloaded here:

Up and About PDF



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